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I want to import... So what do I do?

All about Importing

What is importing all about? How do you import? Who do you contact? What can be imported? What do you need a customs broker for anyway? What about the history of importing?

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Do's & Dont's Of Importing

If you import consumer goods, animals, parts, machinery, food, clothing or anything else on a periodic basis, it is imperritive that you have a customs broker to import your freight. Many people have attempted to try clearances themselves and lost thousands of dollars doing so. You can avoid these mishaps... [Continue]

The LAW!

Just what are the laws for bringing in freight into the country and where can I find them? What can I legally import? Do I need to clear customs if I bring goods with me on a flight?

You can make the law work for you!
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Our Importing Service

Our importing service is the top of the line when it comes to clearing your freight through customs. We clear your freight within 48 hours of contacting us, and it is usually done the same day.

We understand that time is money, and having your freight waiting at customs is not only annoying, but it causes you to lose money.

We pride ourselves on being accurate in our classifications and clearances. We'll do it right the first time...

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